$15,000 Safety Grant from Norfolk Southern
By Duncannon Fire Company
May 3, 2024

Duncannon Fire Company proudly announces the receipt of a $15,000 Safety First Grant from Norfolk Southern, a leading transportation provider. This grant will significantly bolster the fire company's resources, enabling the purchase of four sets of state-of-the-art Globe Turnout Gear.

"We are immensely grateful to Norfolk Southern for their unwavering commitment to safety and community well-being,. "This generous grant empowers us to enhance our capabilities and better protect our firefighters as they serve our community."

The Globe Turnout Gear sets, renowned for their durability and advanced protective features, represent a crucial investment in the safety and effectiveness of Duncannon Fire Company's operations. With this new equipment, firefighters will be better equipped to respond to emergencies safely and efficiently.

Norfolk Southern's support not only benefits our firefighters but also enhances the safety of the entire community. We extend our sincerest gratitude to Norfolk Southern for their continued partnership and commitment to making a positive impact.

The Duncannon Fire Company remains dedicated to safeguarding lives and property in the Duncannon area, and this grant from Norfolk Southern underscores the importance of collaboration between corporations and local emergency services.

For more information about Duncannon Fire Company and its initiatives, please visit www.duncannonfire.com.